Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Countdown is On!

Yep, the baby is due in about 2 weeks. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. We had a little bit of a scare and thought that baby was going to come early, so we kicked into high gear (both mentally and physically) and got the hospital bag packed. Now I feel a bit more prepared... I'm ready to have this baby!

Now it's a bit of a waiting game and enjoying the rest of summer. We've been going to the splash park quite a bit which Anders loves and is good for me. We also have a couple of BBQs and friend gatherings which will be fun. And to be honest I'm starting to get excited about Fall... I know I should be probably living in the moment and enjoying Summer, but I just help myself. Fall is such a fun time for us... I just love the crisp mornings and fresh air. Opening the windows and cooking something hot and delicious makes me feel so content. And Fall is the start of our family's birthday season... we'll start off with baby, move into Derek's day, then Anders, Christmas, Anniversary, New Years, and wrap up with me . Thew!

Lots of good to look forward to!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Loving This Little Man

As the impending due date approaches I am beginning to think about how our little family is going to change. I know that I'm going to grow to love this little addition (already do) but I also know that my time with my special little man is also going to change. I remember my mom telling me that a couple of days before she had my brother she held me and just cried. I didn't really understand that until now. Every little moment with Anders is so special. Especially seeing him grow. I love all his hugs and kisses. I love how he says "hi da!". And most of all, I love those big blue eyes and special cuddles right before bed.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Around This House

chasing bubbles
family BBQ mural/ first tricycle ride/ first flowers
canada day boat ride/ banana boat/selfie 
 future firefighter?

Saturday, 29 June 2013

29 weeks already... I can't believe how fast the time is going. But this baby is getting biiiiiiiiig. But it's a healthy and very active little one which is the important thing. I still haven't experienced any major cravings due to pregnancy. I kind of wish that I could blame some of those late night ice cream sessions on the baby, but really it's all me.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Around This House

Summer has finally come and we are enjoying all the time outside... especially Anders. I swear, this kid lives outside.

We are enjoying a bunch of outside activities. Some of the favorites right now are playing with sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, pulling wagons, going on the swings, collecting rocks, watering flowers, going on grandpa's boat, and jumping in puddles.

We also took Anders to the Banana Boat for the first time. He had fun looking at all the different ice cream flavors. Unfortunately my Black Forest Delight was out of commission due to the lack of cherry sauce, but the soft serve sure was gooooooood! 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


The sun is out and the birds are chirping and I have my windows open... Spring has finally come!

And with this Spring comes the need to wear bright colours in all shapes and forms. Not only in clothes, but also in lipsticks and nail polishes... yummy!

In the last couple of weeks I have been guilty of a slew of lipstick and nail polish purchases. But I don't see this as a bad thing... I actually see it as a fairly cheap way of updating your look while also giving you time to have a bit of fun. I also find that while I'm pregnant I like to pamper myself a bit more when my body is growing out of control (in a good way) and sometimes uncomfortable. A little nail polish and lipstick help me to embrace this body and give it a little love and appreciation :)

So here's where I'm at today. I gave myself a mani yesterday and got this nude and gold inspiration from Pinterest. I absolutely love it... I have never bought a nude nail polish before, but now that I have it just seems so simple and beautiful. The gold sparkles also make it fun and who wouldn't love a little sparkle in their every day life?

As for lipsticks these are my top three right now...Revlon 510 Berry Rich for an everyday "pretty" glow, Maybrlline 885 Vibrant Mandarin (which looks hot pink on me) for a rockin' neon feel, and Revlon 29 Red Lacquer for pretty much everything else. Seriously, this poppy red goes with EVERYTHING. Love that. Also, with a bright lip I usually keep the rest of my makeup fairly neutral, so not only does it look great, but it is also speedy. Perfect for a mommy of a very active toddler.