"We" began as two separates; "you" and "me".
Through balloons and a candle lit canoe we came together
and somehow "you" and "me" became "we".
                            ...and now "we" are three.

Welcome to our little family blog!

Derek and Alexis both grew up in small towns in Manitoba Canada. They met when they were 5 years old and started dating at 18. Derek left Alexis to go on a mission to Honduras for 2 years when he was 19. During this time they kept in contact by writing letters.

When he returned in 2004 Derek asked Alexis to marry him in a candle lit canoe with which she replied "you betcha!".

courtesy of Sarah Cardona

Derek and Alexis spent the first years of their married life going to the University of Manitoba where they enjoyed numerous dates of studying on the couch. He graduated from engineering and she graduated from occupational therapy. After graduation Derek and Alexis decided to start a family and Anders came along in December 2011.

courtesy of Erynn Vermette
Soon after Anders' arrival Derek and Alexis decided to move back to the small town where Alexis grew up. Now they are looking forward to this next phase in life with a new baby, new house, in an old town.