Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bunnies, Chicks, and Chocolates

I don't know why, but I was really excited to celebrate Easter this year. Maybe it's because we have a little boy in the house. That's probably it. Anyway, I started making plans a couple of weeks ago, and I think so far we are having some fun!

We woke up at 7:00 and went downstairs. I left Anders' Easter basket on the floor and he bee-lined it. Instead of putting a bunch of chocolate in the basket I decided to put some small toys that Anders could use in Spring like sidewalk chalk, Play dough, stickers, a windmill, and bubbles. I also put in a bunny puppet that we had already, but Anders didn't seem to notice.

We also had a little egg hunt. Derek had a great idea of putting Cheerios inside of the plastic eggs and Anders absolutely loved it. His eyes would light up whenever he found another egg.

In the afternoon we went to my parent's for dinner. I made a trifle which was a nice spring treat. All in all we had a wonderful weekend and some nice family time. Now on with the snow melt, I want summer!


Marie said...

Seems like a great Easter you had with your family! Cute photos too. :)

Alexandra Zakharova said...

Your boy such a cute angel, congrats:) im originaly russian and we selebrate Easter a bit later, this year it will be in the beggining of May, anyhow I congratulate u and ur family with such an amazing holiday:) Lovely pictures as well;)
Have a great time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Festive Girls said...

Lovely blog, very sweet. We also had an egg hunt this year and I really enjoyed watching my 3yr old nephew's excitement rise with every egg found. Love your photos, very festive and uplifting. I am a new follower:)

Alice said...

You need to share the recipe for that trifle. Looks delish! x