Thursday, 27 September 2012

Little Things

As Canadian Thanksgiving is quickly approaching I am trying to pay attention to the small things in life that I am grateful for. I feel that it is the little things that bring true happiness. 
Today I am grateful for:

Going for a morning Rollerblade
Anders starting to pick up Cheerios all by himself
Watching Glee
Geese calling
That first breath of fresh air on a fall day
Holding hands
Sweet messages
Anders grabbing my neck and giving me a hug
Going into my bed after a long day
Good friends
Feist and how she always relaxes me
A nice hot cup of  bengal herbal tea
Freshly cleaned laundry warm out of the dryer


Katie Aman said...

Such a sweet post-it's always good to be reminded of the wonderful day to day blessings!

Eva Wu said...

thanks for visiting. my dress is too sexy for the office, i think:) but i like your looks:)