Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mother, Sister, and Me

This weekend we had a mother-daughter trip to the States. We do this every year and I am so grateful that we do. They are some of the best memories I have with them. It's a great time to be silly, laugh, have great conversation, and catch up.

A few best moments of the weekend:

  • Kim screaming "CAR, CAR!"
  • Mom buying the most fabulous purse
  • Going in the hot tub with Kim and talking
  • Falling asleep Saturday night
  • Getting emails from Derek about my beautiful baby
  • Missing my baby every time I saw a little boy
  • Watching my mom find all the fall/Christmas decorations
  • Finally getting a leather jacket after wanting one for a year
  • Watching Kim do her homework (what an amazing university student!)
  • Missing cuddles from Derek
  • Getting all dressed up to go out for dinner
  • Having chocolate cake after wanting a piece for a month and a half (thanks Kim)
  • Having some bubble tea and hot chocolate (not together)
  • Finding some material to make curtains for Anders' room
  • Watching an old show that I used to watch (as in the 90's) and mom and Kim loving it
  • Eating crab and watching how fast Kim could get at the meat
  • Loving my mom
What are some of your favorite family traditions? What are some things to do to help you become a closer family? I love ideas!

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