Sunday, 14 October 2012

Five to Ninety

It's come... our birthday/ anniversary/ holiday season. October is dedicated to Lana's family (Derek's sister), November is my dad and Derek's birthdays and my parent's anniversary, December is Anders and my mom's birthdays, our anniversary, and the regular holidays (Christmas eve, Christmas, boxing day, and New Years), and January wraps up with my birthday (on the 3rd) and my sister's on the 15th. Whew. I'm dizzy just thinking about it. But it is such a fun time of year!

This weekend we had my grandma's 90th birthday and my nice Casey's 5th birthday. We had so much fun seeing relatives all weekend long.

Memories from the weekend in no particular order:

Birthday cake- 3 pieces
Numb toes and a colorful skirt
Mittens for a gift
Tires because we needed 'em
Midnight cuddle with Anders; he tried so hard to stay awake
An eight year old cousin who solved a rubik cube-amazing!
5 generations in one room
Got to know my brother a bit better
Signing silly songs
A newborn 4 pound baby girl so sweetly dressed in pink
More raisin bread than I care to count
along with cheese and pickles I might add
Lots  of hugs and smiles
A drive to help Anders have a nap and catch up time for Derek and me
My sister has the best dress and I want it
Surprise laundry getting done
A car full of Chinese take out
A car full of cake and I was the driver-yikes
Learnt that my grandma had a wonderful singing voice and loved to dance;
she put everyone first, even the family dog who got a piece of buttered toast before bed
what a gracious and lovely woman
I love her so much
Knowing that my baby boy has a wonderful, helpful, loving daddy
Children's presentation
Hiccups during a speech and getting the giggles
Seeing a daughter give blowing kisses to her daddy 
Pizza party
Happy Happy Birthday!


Count To Four said...

wow, seems like lots of fun!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

That's so wonderful...I love celebrations...I hope everyone enjoys the time and has fun!! Many blessings to you all :) xx

Katie Aman said...

Aw, darling photos! I love family shots-everyone is just so candid and you get to see just REAL people sharing wonderful memories. These are great!

sarah c said...

i love the shot of anders and grandpa! talk about mini me!

Bhushavali - Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! said...

Casey looks absolutely adorable.
My very best wishes to both of them on their birthdays!
I'd love if you visit my blog too!
Hope you'll follow too! :)