Friday, 5 October 2012

Nikos Friday

It was another very long week with Derek working 10 hour days. It seemed like he'd get home, we'd have a quick supper, clean up, get Anders ready for bed, have some down time, have some us time, and then head to bed. But, the payoff is that Derek is home on Friday! And oh how Anders and I love that!

Here's a bit of what happened:
Smashed a Corelle bowl that we've had since our wedding into 1000 pieces
Made yummy hash browns
Had a nap
Went Halloween costume shopping
FOUND our Halloween costumes-yay!!
Picked up some Halloween decorations
Went to a Party Store and found bubble tea straws and got a little scared by their monster layout
I'm a little bit of a wuss
Picked up groceries for Thanksgiving
Went on a date to Nikos and had yummy Greek salad and gyros 
Drove around for over an hour to try to get bubble tea mix
(I'm craving taro sooooooo badly!)
Gave up the search for an Asian market that sells bubble tea mix :(
all they had was Duran, whatever that is
Put Anders to bed
Had a chocolate bar instead of my beloved bubble tea
It was an ok substitute
Watched The Office and Glee
Loved The Office intro, not a big fan of this week's Glee sad to say
Curled up next to my guy and fell asleep

And here is some of our food yumminess


Sheila said...

OMG those fries looks so good..... ahhh..

And sorry to hear about your bowl you've had since wedding. That must've been sad!! :(

And I love bubble tea!! :)

xo - Sheila

Kaolee said...

Wished y'all lived here in GA. There are so many asian markets here and lots of bubble tea shops!