Friday, 19 October 2012

Thrifted Fashion: Colour Blocked

What a day, what a day! I tried to baby proof my house a bit more today and I can't believe the time it took! And, sad to say, but most of the corner pads (to prevent head bumping) have either fallen off or Anders pulled them off. So I gave up for today in the hope that tomorrow will be a bit better (I'm gonna bring out the hot guns, specifically, hot glue guns!).

I'm also right in the middle of putting up some pictures after being in this house for about 6 months. The nesting urge has kicked in! But again, this turned into a longer task than anticipated, so I stopped for the day without much really accomplished.

On the plus side, my sister came over to "study" (more like tickle me to death) which was so nice. It's always great to have the little goof around. And tonight we are going to a trunk n' treat! F-U-N!

But onto the clothes... it's still drizzly outside so I wanted to be comfortable and warm, hence the hat, button down, and leggings. I felt like the clutch and bangles snazzed up the pretty low key threads which I liked.The hat also had the added benefit of keeping my "bangs" out of my face since they are such a weird length. All in all I was a very comfortable and warm home destroyer today. Smiles all around.

Hat: Thrifted
Button down: Thrifted
Necklace and Bangles: Thrifted
Colour Blocked Clutch: Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes: Spring
Total Cost (approximate): $42.00


Kaolee said...

I love this clutch!

Marie said...

Love ur shirt! I can never look nice in a long sleeved collar shirt, but u actually look good in it! :)

Sheila said...

Great look! Love the clutch! :)

xo - Sheila

CoastWithMe said...

In love Alexis:))! One of my favorite outfits! Gorgeous clutch too:)!

Rita @

Le Fresne said...

Beautiful in blue!

le fresne x

*Dark Angel* said...

The shirt looks cool!

Floor said...

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Love your style en posts
I follow you :)

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Mira said...

Adorable outfit. Read your Liebster post and it was really interesting <3


kaila mo said...

i LOVE your clutch and your necklace!

House of Tong said...

heart your outfit post!! xoxo, Tiff ~ Clothed Much :)